Measuring a Chair Before Buying Upholstery Material For It

Measuring a Chair Before Buying Upholstery
Re-covering an upholstered chair is quite an ideal way for revitalising its look as well as bringing colour to the overall decor of the room. Before doing so, however, it is important to measure the chair properly and purchase the correct volume of upholstery materials needed as per the measurements. Knowing the quantity of materials required would also help in comparing prices of the available options and getting the best deal.

Given below is the correct process of measuring a chair properly:

At first, the seat cushion must be removed from the chair, in case that is possible. After that, the thickness or height and length of the cushion will have to be measured properly with the help of a measuring tape. Both the measurements should be multiplied by two and then added together.

Now, each of the chair arms will have to be measured by starting from the outer part where the fabric covering exists, right up to the end portion of the arm fabric along the inner part of the seat. The width of the arms can be determined by measuring along their widest point. Now both of the end results will have to multiplied by two and added together.

The height of the chair must be measured along its back from the topmost part to the lowest portion where upholstery exists. It is also important to determine how tall the back support cushion is. Once that has been done, the depth of the seat will have to be measured accurately from its back to the chair’s front. If the cushion is not removable, the depth should be determined across the cushion.

Ultimately, the height of the upholstered chair along its front, starting right from where it meets the fabric or cushion and ending at the lowest point of the upholstered surface, must be measured.

Finally, all the measurements that have been taken during the entire process must be added to get a total amount. This amount must then be divided by 1000 in order to convert the entire measurement to metres.

Now a fabric of the obtained length can be bought from any reputed firm dealing with upholstery in Sydney. The product selected must be in a colour, style and pattern that suits the decor of the room where the chair is kept. The length of the fabric must be rounded to the next 1 metre to allow for any error that might have been made.


Mattresses and Bedheads for King-Sized Beds

Mattresses and Bedheads for King-Sized Beds
King-sized beds are generally suitable for large spaces and provide a lot of area for two people to sleep in and stretch out for getting a good night’s rest. The headboard for these beds come in a wide range of styles, sizes and materials. Most people buy them in order to match the existing decor and furnishings. Let’s have a look at two of the main components of king-sized beds:


Mattresses designed specifically for king-sized beds are generally 203 centimetres long and 193 centimetres wide. To be exact, they are 41 centimetres wider than queen-sized mattresses. They are probably the widest of their kind available in the market and are approximately of the same size as a couple of twin beds kept together. A king mattress usually requires either 2 large pillows or 3 standard ones.


There are many people who prefer custom made bedheads for their king-sized beds instead of readymade ones. As a result, there is no standard size set for them. However, the headboard must be at least 193 centimetres wide for accommodating the mattress. In general, the width of typical king bedheads ranges from 201 to 213 centimetres. They are manufactured in a wide range of styles, with the width quite often depending solely upon the style.

As has been mentioned already, headboards for king-sized beds usually come in a plethora of styles, sizes and materials. Iron, wood and leather are the most commonly used manufacturing materials. Some of the bedheads are designed with inbuilt shelves to be functional, while others have an upholstered finish. Typically sleek and modern lower headboards might be only 109 centimetres tall, whereas mid-size leather variants generally range from 125 to 137 centimetres. For instance, sleigh style bedhead made out of wood is often as tall as 152 centimetres. In other words, there is no standard height for the bedheads, but it usually lies between 109 and 177 centimetres.

While selecting headboard for a king sized bed, the foremost thing that must be taken into account is the current decor. The product bought should match its style and colour. It is also important to consider the space available within the room. Analysing the height and width of the bed is essential as well. Mattresses often range from 20 to 46 centimetres in thickness. Height of the bedhead must coordinate with that of the bed frame as well as the mattress.

Why Choose Authentic Upholstery For Your Furniture Reupholstering Job in Sydney?

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furnitureIf you have an antique furniture at your home in Sydney with its upholstery completely torn or in bad shape, there is no need for you to buy a new piece for use. What you can do is opt for reupholstering. Authentic Upholstery is a reputed furniture repair & re-upholstery specialist in Sydney who can help you with your reupholstering job.

As a furniture repair and re-upholstery expert, they will first analyse the quality of your furniture and suggest you whether reupholstering the piece would really be a good idea. If it’s of solid wood, then getting the job done would be fine but if the furniture is made up of plywood or veneer, then they will suggest you not to go for it as it won’t last quite long. They will also check the furniture for any noise, imbalance or squeaks and see if it is in good shape…

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Refinishing An Antique Furniture Piece

Refinishing An Antique Furniture Piece
Antique furniture pieces are basically items that have aesthetic or sentimental value for their owners. It is therefore important to exercise suitable measures for preserving them properly, refinishing being one of them. Given below is the procedure for refinishing an antique furniture piece.

Prior to beginning with the refinishing job, it is essential to confirm that the furniture does not have a pre-existing layer of patina. One must also carefully read as well as comprehend the instructions given on all the solvents and chemicals that have been chosen for executing the task.

The next vital step is to decide whether the antique needs a thorough cleaning or its old finish has to be stripped off. Sometimes, cleaning can help in understanding what actually requires to be done. While in other cases, a coat of varnish can be enough to bring back the original luster.

When using a paint remover, most experts of antique furniture restoration in Sydney recommend applying a thick layer in one stroke. It would form a pudding-like skin on the surface, and placing a newspaper or plastic on it can help to keep the remover from drying out. It is important to ensure that the surface being worked on has been kept in a horizontal position. The paint stripper should not be removed until a finger can be rubbed down into bare wood.

Once the stripper has done its work done properly, it has to be scraped off using a putty knife or an obsolete credit card. Putty knife can cause damage to the wood if handled inappropriately, therefore it is more prudent to utilise an old credit card.

After that, the piece must be washed down either with water or a suitable solvent. Reading the container of the solvent is essential, in order to determine whether the product about to be used is appropriate or not. Scrubbing with help of a stiff brush having coarse wood chips can be ideal.

For removing light scratches, one can rub the surface of antique piece with a fine grit sandpaper. To sand different mouldings and shapes on the item, old felt may be used as well.

To stain the antique furniture, using pigmented wiping stain would be the best bet. It is not only colour fast, but can also be utilised for highlighting and developing grain of various wood species. The stain should be brushed on, allowed to stand for a minute and then wiped dry. After that, the finish can be put on using a piece of soft cloth and allowed to dry for 24 hours. Three or four coats of the finish might just be enough for completing the refinishing work.

How to renovate your home office in easy steps

How to renovate your home office in easy steps
Are you running a business from your home? Do you own a home office? In case you do then you might often have to work some extra shifts (when you are not attending your business calls) reflecting on how to wrestle with the precise and unavoidable renovation costs while doing a facelift with the office space at home. You would be reassured to know that you are not alone in this. There are scores of micro entrepreneurs having the same issue with their workspace. Many home based entrepreneurs would like to make their workspace more functional and better looking at tight budget. If this happens to be your wish too then all you need to do is read below.

Customizing wood framed layouts

The design of your home office space should be tantalizing indeed if you happen to encompass specific strategies for the wood framed layouts which are there in your house. You can choose to morph your regular mirror into a wood framed one. You can get interior walls installed (with wooden frames) in case you have got a big room. This way you will be able to segregate your work space from the rest of the room and make room for more privacy and solitude which will be conducive to your work.

Furniture restoration with commercial upholstery solutions

Furniture restoration and remodeling initiatives form a highly central part in the entire periphery of commercial upholstery services. It is really going to work great in terms of offering a quick fix to your existing furniture and revamping them entirely for a much better show. Resorting to the opportune helpline catered by companies offering commercial upholstery in Sydney is a workable option that might be considered in this connection.


Floors happen to be an integral part of your room and you can definitely do something with the floor of your office space at home. It would be helpful for you to make arrangement of carpets. You can purchase a good looking carpet and cover up the entire floor. In a way, it is highly economical as there will be plenty of inexpensive carpets available in the market. If you do not feel a thing for carpet then you can linoleum tiles or check board floors a priority for you. Hardwood flooring and laminate flooring will also do as they are durable and affordable.


You can get the walls and floors of your room painted in order to add a new curb appeal. Painting will definitely be a great initiative in terms of sprucing up the room at a nominal cost. The best part is that it is a mess free process for you.

Services Offered By Furniture Repair & Reupholstery Firms in #Sydney

Furniture Repair & Reupholstery Firms in Sydney
Repairing a damaged furniture and ensuring perfection in reupholstery functions is a certain task that calls for sufficient sweat and hard work on your part. In crucial times when you look to reupholster your old or damaged furniture and do not set your eyes on the perfect pros that can carry out the job in full swing you must give a close thought to Authentic Upholstery, a reputed and professional company offering furniture repair & reupholstery in Sydney.

Furniture restoration

Your furniture is indeed your most lovable and treasured possessions back at your home. In case they get deformed or damaged somehow it definitely takes a toll on your mind. However, pros like Authentic Upholstery who offer the services of furniture repair & reupholstery in Sydney has got a picture perfect cure for your problem with the damaged furniture. Furniture restoration is actually one of the specialities of many furniture repair pros working in Sydney.

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Tailor made solutions done inexpensively

While thinking of furniture repair & reupholstery in Sydney you do not have to get your soul grilled with the fear of sky kissing price ranges. The matter of fact is that the price ranges happen to be pretty much under control. You can bet that you are going to be able to grab tailor made solutions in a price range like you have never experience before.

Unflinching quality guaranteed

Quality is something which is integrally associated with the very essence of companies offering furniture repair & reupholstery in Sydney. Professionals who work in the heart of Sydney would do anything to ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with the end results. Special care is taken by the pros at the time of dealing with leather furniture items as well as other value added furniture which might hold so close to you from emotional perspectives.

Antique restoration

If you have some antique furniture pieces at your home and you want them to be restored then checking out a furniture repair & reupholstery service in Sydney should be an essential task for you. Pros in Sydney are really good at it. They deliver things in one piece to you adding surreal values to them.

There is evidently every reason to believe that these reupholstery services would do more than a simple revamp of the furniture that you give. Their services could radicalize your entire domicile by refurbishing and smartening up the old and shabby looking furniture.

How To Buy An Upholstered Bedhead?

How To Buy An Upholstered Bedhead
Upholstered bedheads have been taking the industry of interior designing by storm due to the wide range of styles that they come in and their versatility. If you can choose one properly, it would light up your bedroom by breathing life, sophistication and glamour in old digs.

While planning to buy upholstered bedheads in Sydney, there are a few important factors which you will need to take into consideration. Given below are some of the most important ones, have a look:

Consider the Space

Start by calculating the space that is available for the bedhead and take the width of the bed as well as height of the ceiling into account. This will eliminate any room for errors and help you to take an accurate measurement.

Seek Inspiration

If you cannot decide the design that you want your new upholstered bedhead to sport, seek inspiration from a few available sources. Flip through some favourite magazine of yours or search over the Internet for innovative ideas. You will definitely find something that might be worthy of complementing the decor of your bedroom. Consider the styles and colours that reflect your personality.

Where Should You Buy?

After you have decided on the design and style of the upholstered bedhead you want, all you will have to do is find it. There are many sites where you would be able to choose from a range of options available at discounted prices. Set a definite budget before you start browsing through the various sites, so as not to get too carried away. If you want to buy a bespoke upholstered headboard instead, approach some reputed manufacturer with your requisites. They will be able to offer the best rates for the materials that you need.

When you have selected and bought the upholstered bedhead of your choice, you will have to make sure that it is installed properly. You can either take care of the installation task all by yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Many bedhead sets are provided with the parts and tools needed for putting it together. If you are going for a DIY installation, follow the instructions provided very carefully.

Once the bedhead is in place, you would be left with a more convenient bed to relax and an intriguing focal point for your bedroom.