Different Types Of Fabrics Used For Outdoor Upholstery

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While making plans to buy furniture for a patio, the most important factor to consider is perhaps choosing a suitable kind of upholstery fabric. There are a wide range of outdoor upholstery fabric options available in the market of Sydney that one can choose from. However, it is important to weigh the features and benefits of each type before selecting a particular one.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular fabric types suitable for outdoor upholstery in Sydney:

Vinyl :
Vinyl is a resilient and sturdy choice for outdoor furniture upholstery. It is highly resistant to water and scratches, and can also hold up even with frequent usage. However, exposure to excessive direct sunlight can be detrimental for this fabric. Extreme heat can also cause it to become brittle and form cracks.
Vinyl Fabrics.jpg

Cotton/Poly Blend :
Cotton/poly blends designed specially for outdoor use are sold by many

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Why Choose Authentic Upholstery For Your Furniture Reupholstering Job in Sydney?

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furnitureIf you have an antique furniture at your home in Sydney with its upholstery completely torn or in bad shape, there is no need for you to buy a new piece for use. What you can do is opt for reupholstering. Authentic Upholstery is a reputed furniture repair & re-upholstery specialist in Sydney who can help you with your reupholstering job.

As a furniture repair and re-upholstery expert, they will first analyse the quality of your furniture and suggest you whether reupholstering the piece would really be a good idea. If it’s of solid wood, then getting the job done would be fine but if the furniture is made up of plywood or veneer, then they will suggest you not to go for it as it won’t last quite long. They will also check the furniture for any noise, imbalance or squeaks and see if it is in good shape…

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