Determining If An Reupholstery Job Will Be Worth It

Determining If An Reupholstery Job Will Be Worth It
There can be many reasons for a person to get an aged piece of furniture reuphostered. Perhaps the item has lost its lustre or has accidentally got its fabric ripped. Or maybe it would last longer than new and is a cheaper option if refurbished.

It is important to consider the sentimental value and quality of a furniture before planning to get it reupholstered. There are certain factors which can help you in determining whether a refurbishing job would be worth its value. Let’s have a look at some of them in detail:

Comparing The Service Charges & Cost Of New Furniture

Sometimes, reupholstery may cost nearly the same as purchasing new furniture pieces. That, however, would totally depend on the materials used and work required. The volume of fabric needed would dictate labour costs significantly. Special or comprehensive work can further add to the charges, such as those mentioned below:

  • Working on sofas having zippers
  • Fixing, replacing or attaching fabric or welt cords which outline seams of pillows and cushions
  • Aligning patterns and shapes

An estimate for costs of the required work can be formed and juxtaposed with that of new items to see which one is greater.

Deciding Quality of The Piece Which Needs To Be Repaired

Another way to determine the significance of a reupholstery job is by judging the quality of the piece which has to be refurbished. In case the furniture is about 10 to 15 years old, it is likely to be of good quality and can last for a few years more with some restoration work. Besides that, the owner can also enjoy the added benefit of altering the appearance of the furniture as per his or her requirements.

Taking Sentimental Value Into Account

Repairing and keeping aged furniture must be considered if the piece is an antique or has been passed down several generations within the family. However, it is essential to find a company that performs furniture upholstery in Sydney at reasonable rates, or the project can be very expensive.

Considering The Expectations

While planning to get an old couch or recliner restored, it is important to have realistic expectations. Otherwise, the project can end up being a total waste of time as well as money. Consumers must understand they cannot get back exactly what they bought in the first place.

Once a reupholstery job is found to be worth its value, an efficient service provider must be located who will be able to provide quality work at cost-effective rates.


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