How To Repair The Fabric Of A Torn Couch?

How To Repair The Fabric Of A Torn Couch
Suppose your favorite couch suddenly gets ripped one day due to wear and tear from regular usage. Are you going to get rid of the whole thing? Of course not, because there are several methods which can be used for repairing the rip. But you have to be smart enough to pick the easiest one from among them. In order to get the best results, it is advisable to appoint a professional offering repair services for upholstery in Sydney. However, you can also perform a DIY repairwork, because it is much easier than you think. Stated below are some simple ideas that you can use for repairing the fabric of a torn couch:

  1. Attaching upholstery tacks: These are tiny tacks used for attaching new upholstery to an old furniture. If you notice a tear in the corner side of your couch, then you may consider to use these tacks for attaching a complimentary upholstery piece to the torn part. These tacks will make your old furniture look good, fresh and new in addition to hiding the tear completely.
  2. Using excess material: In order to patch the tear, using the excess material present on the back of your couch is another good option. Cut a portion of the fabric from the rear part of the couch and match it with the torn portion. Use matching threads for stitching the portion or apply glue on the snagged area to attach the extra fabric on it.
  3. Prefer stitching: If the tear is a small one, then stitching is the best solution for you to go with. Purchase a matching thread from any local home improvement store and use it to stitch the tear together. In order to make the stitched area unnoticeable, try to be neat with your work. Being neat will also prevent occurrence of tears in future.
  4. Using products: There are certain upholstery glues available on market that can be used for repairing a torn couch fabric. These products can be found at any local shop providing home improvement tools. For using the glue product, all you will need to do is follow instructions printed on its container. However, while using the glue, make sure that your pets or kids are away from the area until the glue has dried completely.

On the other hand, if you are unable to fix the tears completely, then it is better to find an expert to get the job done right for you.


Determining If An Reupholstery Job Will Be Worth It

Determining If An Reupholstery Job Will Be Worth It
There can be many reasons for a person to get an aged piece of furniture reuphostered. Perhaps the item has lost its lustre or has accidentally got its fabric ripped. Or maybe it would last longer than new and is a cheaper option if refurbished.

It is important to consider the sentimental value and quality of a furniture before planning to get it reupholstered. There are certain factors which can help you in determining whether a refurbishing job would be worth its value. Let’s have a look at some of them in detail:

Comparing The Service Charges & Cost Of New Furniture

Sometimes, reupholstery may cost nearly the same as purchasing new furniture pieces. That, however, would totally depend on the materials used and work required. The volume of fabric needed would dictate labour costs significantly. Special or comprehensive work can further add to the charges, such as those mentioned below:

  • Working on sofas having zippers
  • Fixing, replacing or attaching fabric or welt cords which outline seams of pillows and cushions
  • Aligning patterns and shapes

An estimate for costs of the required work can be formed and juxtaposed with that of new items to see which one is greater.

Deciding Quality of The Piece Which Needs To Be Repaired

Another way to determine the significance of a reupholstery job is by judging the quality of the piece which has to be refurbished. In case the furniture is about 10 to 15 years old, it is likely to be of good quality and can last for a few years more with some restoration work. Besides that, the owner can also enjoy the added benefit of altering the appearance of the furniture as per his or her requirements.

Taking Sentimental Value Into Account

Repairing and keeping aged furniture must be considered if the piece is an antique or has been passed down several generations within the family. However, it is essential to find a company that performs furniture upholstery in Sydney at reasonable rates, or the project can be very expensive.

Considering The Expectations

While planning to get an old couch or recliner restored, it is important to have realistic expectations. Otherwise, the project can end up being a total waste of time as well as money. Consumers must understand they cannot get back exactly what they bought in the first place.

Once a reupholstery job is found to be worth its value, an efficient service provider must be located who will be able to provide quality work at cost-effective rates.

Choosing The Right Furniture For A Private Hospital or Clinic

Furniture For A Private Hospital
Privately operated clinics and hospitals generally necessitate elegant and durable furniture, because these places normally have to maintain a good reputation and image in order to increase the number of visitors. There are plenty of diverse reasons why people would like a beautiful and convenient atmosphere while receiving medical services. Therefore, if you own a private clinic or hospital, make sure you take extra care when selecting furniture for your facility. It would go a long way in helping you to achieve dynamic designs so as to make the environment more appealing for clients.

The foremost thing that you should do is check your available space in order to determine size of the furniture pieces you need to purchase. If necessary, you can even seek help and advice from reputed local designers and then visit an expert dealing with commercial upholstery in Sydney. These professionals will aid you in comprehending your requirements as per the specifications of your facility.

Next, you must understand what type of furniture is required to furnish your clinic or hospital premises. For example, you can go for chairs and tables that are easy to maintain, can be moved from one place to another without any hassle and are adjustable, in case your facility is a small clinic with a few staff members. However, buying adjustable and easy-to-move furniture is quite common for modern hospitals. It ensures quick relocation of medicines and other necessities from one place to another. Nowadays, adjustable hospital beds have also gained tremendous popularity among health care facilities all over the world. Therefore, you can buy a few if you want in order to hike up the appeal of your facility.

After having determined the size and type of hospital furniture you need to buy, perform a quick assessment and check the reputation & experience of the company from whom you would be making your purchase. Inspect the quality of their products and after-sales services. Visit their business site and go through the portfolio & testimonials sections meticulously.

Last but not the least, have your preferences and tastes set in advance prior to purchasing furniture pieces for your clinic or private hospital. These can include colour, size, designs and price of the items you intend to buy. Use all these information for choosing the most suitable furniture maker in Sydney. By doing this you will not only get the right products at cost-effective rates, but also buy ones that match the interior decor of your facility.

How to Refurbish An Old Dining Chair?

How to Refurbish An Old Dining Chair
Adding fresh fabric or a brand new cushion to an old dining chair can be excellent way to breathe life into it. However, the task can seem overwhelming and extensive if the correct method is not followed. One must also be careful about choosing the right upholstery fabric and materials for completing the work. Given below is the step-by-step procedure for refurbishing a dated dining chair:

  • First the seat base must be unscrewed from the frame, after which the staples and fabric will have to be removed using pliers and an awl. For newbie DIY enthusiasts, it is important to exercise great care while pulling the staples off.
  • In order to replace the worn out seat, a new one will have to be created from a plywood measuring ½ inch. The outline of the base can either be traced on the plywood piece or marked with proper dimensions. It is better to use a jigsaw for cutting around the markings.
  • The next requirement is a seat cushion which will have to extracted from a piece of 1 inch-dense foam. Once the cushion is ready, it must be attached to the wood using a spray adhesive that dries quickly. The edges should be rounded by spraying them with glue and then sticking them to base of the seat.
  • Now the foam must be covered with a layer of polyester batting that is ½ inch dense. First the batting can be stapled to the centre of all sides of the base and pulled around for covering the foam entirely.
  • The calculated dimensions of the seat base must be increased by ¼ inch and then used as measurements for cutting the fabric. In case a pattern is being used, it has to be centred on the chair first.
  • The fabric should be made as tight as possible and then attached to the base using staple gun in the same way as the batting.
  • In case the dining chair needs protection from dust, a cover must be prepared from black cambric fabric, which can be stapled to the underside. Finally, the seat can be screwed back to the frame.

Although the above mentioned steps are not very difficult to execute, they do necessitate a certain amount of skill. In case an individual finds them hard to take care of, he or she must get in touch with a reputed firm performing furniture repair & reupholstery in Sydney and allow professionals to complete the job.

How to Choose Fabrics For Upholstering Old Furniture?

How to Choose Fabrics For Upholstering Old Furniture
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It is not uncommon to find old furniture at a Sydneysider home. Sometimes, it may so happen that a piece is still in good condition with an overall good framework. However, its upholstery seems to be anything but usable anymore. If such is the case, then the most prudent thing would be to hire a efficient professional dealing with furniture upholstery in Sydney. But before that, there is another thing that must be taken care of. And that is picking a suitable fabric type for upholstering the furniture piece.

Comparing fabrics can seem like a cumbersome task to any newbie. But following a few simple steps can help in choosing the most appropriate one:

Taking The Style & Colour Into Account

It is important to assess the style and colour of furniture upholstery fabrics while trying to pick a good one from among them. The option being considered must match with the furniture that needs to be upholstered. For instance, a modern and large couch placed in the centre of the living room has to be dark enough for hiding stains, wear and tear from regular usage, etc.

Considering The Durability

The fabric being chosen must be tough enough for withstanding the strains of regular usage. If it is a couch, for example, the material used for upholstering it must be something heavy and thick such as wool or leather. A wingback chair, on the other hand, will require something soft like rayon or silk.

Examining The Thread Count

While buying fabrics for furniture upholstery, one of the most vital aspects that must be checked is the thread count. The best way to do that is by reviewing the description or label of the material being considered for purchase in order to determine the number of threads used in every square inch. Something with a high thread count is more likely to last longer.

Checking The Grade

Upholstery fabrics are generally graded with alphabets (F being the highest grade and A, lowest). The grades generally determine the cost of different fabrics, the lower one being cheaper.

Deciding Whether The Requirement Is Sunlight or Stain Protection

There exist many fabric types which are designed or treated specifically for withstanding sunlight and spills. One must decide what they want to protect their furniture upholstery from.

At the time of buying upholstery fabrics, it is important to look for a card that would contain all necessary information. If a card or tag is absent, one must ask for it from the vendor.

Furniture Requirements of Modern Restaurants

Furniture Requirements of Modern RestaurantsFurniture have a paramount role to play in enhancing the ambiance of any space, be it a home, business place or restaurant. But the kind of furniture that must be bought depends on the purpose for which it would be used. In this blog, we will talk about the furnishings required for equipping a restaurant.

To begin with, most of us know that restaurants are prone to food and drink spills. Therefore, the fabrics used for upholstering restaurant furniture must be capable of resisting stains and repelling water. At the same time, they should also be good enough for providing comfortable seatings to visitors. This kind of fabric can be easily procured from any reputed firm dealing with commercial upholstery in Sydney.

Next comes the elementary furniture styles and items required for furnishing a restaurant. Let’s have a look at some of the primary ones:


A booth within an eatery is simply an area having a table and high backed chairs that act like partitions. Nowadays, booths have become very common in most restaurants of Sydney due to their unique and professional look. They can generally be seen in 2 different types –

  • The first type features 2 sides, with a dinner table between them and a seating bench on each side.
  • The second type features one side with chairs and the other side jutting out from the wall. A table is placed in between.


They are among the most commonly used furniture items in eateries. Chairs in restaurants perform a two-fold duty – they provide convenient seatings to guests and also serve as decorative components. They come in a wide range of designs and materials. Some places even use stools instead of chairs for imparting a unique look, such as coffee shops.

Dining Tables

Dining tables meant for use in restaurants are available in different sizes and shapes. The variants also differ in terms of price and constituent material. Their aesthetic appeal is generally accentuated with the help of various accessories like tablecloths and centrepieces.

Pub Tables

Being elegant and tall, pub tables are often used as an alternative for their dining counterparts in many eateries throughout Sydney. These tables allow visitors to be at the same height as their accomplices while they are seated.

Besides the above mentioned options, some eateries also use lounge furniture for upping the levels of comfort and elegance, which have a unique ability to transform the areas where they are kept into relaxation zones.

Different Types Of Fabrics Used For Outdoor Upholstery

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While making plans to buy furniture for a patio, the most important factor to consider is perhaps choosing a suitable kind of upholstery fabric. There are a wide range of outdoor upholstery fabric options available in the market of Sydney that one can choose from. However, it is important to weigh the features and benefits of each type before selecting a particular one.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular fabric types suitable for outdoor upholstery in Sydney:

Vinyl :
Vinyl is a resilient and sturdy choice for outdoor furniture upholstery. It is highly resistant to water and scratches, and can also hold up even with frequent usage. However, exposure to excessive direct sunlight can be detrimental for this fabric. Extreme heat can also cause it to become brittle and form cracks.
Vinyl Fabrics.jpg

Cotton/Poly Blend :
Cotton/poly blends designed specially for outdoor use are sold by many

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